22 Jan 2010

For your Future!

I have known a friend who really love to invest. Her first plan when she started working here was to put her money into investment. Well, to invest is a good thing. But we must be sure that we are investing it in a right place or business or shall we say, in good hands! Specially when that money are from your hard labor! Investing something needs a wise planning, we must be well informed on a particular company or business you are in to. Otherwise, you lose.

I happen to land a site about InvestmentForge as I surf the net. I find it interesting because they are not just talking about the clients can earn that much and so on. But they are honest enough that they too as possible earn more! It's like partnership between the clients and the company. Sounds good, you can check them yourselves..there's no harm on informing analyzing until you can decide what is good!

I myself have plans to invest, who will not if its a good thing! But as I said, It takes time, good planning and acquiring knowledge about everything i sthe best to start with! Remember, this is for our future and the future of our children!

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RicAdeMus said...

It's good to find an honest investment company. My dad lost money with a stockbroker who was only concerned about making money for himself (with fees and commissions on transactions) and he didn't really care about finding good investments for my dad. Since the stockbroker made money on each buy and sell, it didn't matter to him what he was buying and selling with dad's money.

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