11 Jan 2010

Home Fashion!

Our home should be a place where we can enjoy together with our love ones! A place to rest and a place where you always long after whenever you're away. Thats why we want to put things that makes the sorroundings cool and calm and nice to stay in. Since I got married to a Swedish man who already had his own domain:) Many things already there on his pad and I had no choice but to accept and adjust what he has. But then at the back of my mind, I wished that someday, we will have new things together. As we build our own home as family, we can acquire things that will make me feel that I'm already a part of it!

Well, that 'someday' already came. Now we already have a home that I can call it our own. From his small bachelor pad now a three room apartment with a beautiful murray feiss decoration lamp that we bought just for our new home. And little by little we put up more things for the home that we like! We already changed many things and bought some additional. One special thing that we like both are beautiful lightings! I'm lucky that I got a husband who has taste like me when it comes to lamps and lightings. Its important to have fashion in our own little world as to live life to the fullest!

There are still few things we need to change and it will soon be realize. Just one step at a time as the song goes:) Have a nice time everyone!

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kathy said...

Hi Tejan! Mzta na? Sensya na wala ko ka-bisita ghapon kay day-off nako.. hehehe... labay lng ko...


RicAdeMus said...

That's the perfect way to grow together!

If I was single, I would only have a chair, a lamp, a tv and a bed. I would need help buying furniture and decorating! =)

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