9 Jan 2010

My Life Story!!!


Want to know me better? Then you can check my personal blog at "Chapters of my Life". This is my 3rd site written for personal posts only. Here I wrote my life story. It could sounds like a fairy tale but this is my story! Here I tried to recall those prominent instances of my life that somehow gives inspiration to my readers! Here where miracles, beliefs, trusts, family and love won over hardships, insecurities, hates, dissappointments, trials, desperation, poverty and even death!

Now on its fourth chapter where every pages are remarkable! You must not miss it! Welcome and be blessed!

Note: In order to understand it more, you are advise to read it from the first chapter:) Hope you will enjoy and be inspired! And will walk with me as this chapters continues! See yah!

2 readers digest:

Maxi said...

hello Janet!!! nice to know that you have a new blog. will visit it tomorrow after our visit at my boyfriend's family.

have a happy weekend!!!

NURA said...

hi Tejan
visit again ,,
I like your picture "chapters of my life",

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