19 Jan 2010

Our dear Pets!

Have you experienced the terrible specie called fleas on your dear pets? Well, this could be hard when our house animals be attack on fleas because fleas will not only disturb or harm our pets but it also bites us that causes itchiness to our skin. Weee so irritating that could be!

My husband's family are lovers of pet. Dogs, cat and they treat them as if human and a member of the family. They even have expensive foods than us..haha. They put enough time for them like taking them to a walk and training them. And one thing I also discover is that they'll go crazy when their pet get fleas, as in there was one time they saw just one "living small creature" moving on their cat's hair, weee as if there's a fire burning that everyone want to witness. Like they right away wanted to put a flea bomb as to get rid of it in one time:)

My father in law said, it will be hard if fleas can already get in to a dog or a cat so as much as possible they should have already a protection like a kind of shampoo or spray to get rid of it! Its better to spend extra for protection than medication. It will be expensive and annoying not only to your pet but even to people! Flea bites are itchy and painful! Its good to hug and play with them with no worries.

This dog is amazing, she can play dead! hahah and the children love to play with her..so must be flea free!!! No,no,no!!!

4 readers digest:

shydub said...

Ka dako sa inyong iring jan oi, kusug na mokaon?

Anney said...

Ang laki namn ng pusa ang cute! Dito sa pinas e very common na nagkaka fleas ang alaga minsan nga pinapabayaan na lang dumami.lol!

chubskulit said...

Say NO to fleas, they are not nice hehehe. Thank you so much sis for all your visits. I just now have the time tro really blog wahhhh. Ang laki nman ng pousa nyo.

kathy said...

simbako! kadako anang iring oi!! hadlok kay basi'g kaonon ana si laikka! hehehe

sensya na kron lng ko kabisita balik sis...


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