27 Jan 2010

How about Last Weekend???

Since, I'm on my day off monday and tuesday, I had no chance to share my weekend yet but today. Last saturday was the celebration of my aunt's husband's birthday:) He is the man who helped me and my husband met each other:) He is my husband's good friend and a kind husband to my aunt and a very helpful family member of our whole family in pinas!

Last January 20 marks his __ th birthday:) And last saturdy his wife prepared a very simple party for him just for all of us - family who are here in this foreign land. Specially our new couple already with us:) my cousin who just arrive was able to join with the celebration too. But her "welcome party" still under planning so lets just wait:)

HERE ARE SOME HIGHLIGHTS PICS:) (these are just from my camera and unfortunately i was out of battery.. there are more on their camera but well!)

Skååål!!! (cheers!) There we are... we became four here now:) heheh just so happy!

Still so much food prepared even we were just four families and plus one new couple:)

Eat all you can..heheh! chatting while eating:) Dessert time:) with carrot cake, fruit salad, ice cream cake, 'bibingka' and of course paired with coffe or tea:)
That was fun! Thanks for the party and GRATTIS!!!

3 readers digest:

roffe said...

Hai..What is a carrot cake?? Skååålll....
have a nice evening..God afton....

teJan said...

hahahha... 'morot kaka'... skål!

eden said...

ka yummy sa mga pagkaon. Looks like everyone had a great time. Belated Happy Birthday to your Aunt's husband.

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