23 Jan 2010


Yeheeyyy...got many awards!!! heheh! Friendly maybe! waaah! For all you know, these are just put together..haha! Sorry my dear friends, just have time today to post your awards and tags for me!!! MMMMwaah! love it!

This tiger luck award are from my dear friend Khim, jenny tag me this too for Laikka's site and now Annalou's place to Remember. Thanks so much guys! this is cool!

This is from my friend here JennyH:) There's things to do to recieve this award, but I've done it already long time ago..here you can read! hahah!

And this cute little one is from sweet Liz of This is my Life. The Eminent Eight! heheh enteresting! Thanks dear liz. To recieve this awards have to do your Eight lists;

8 TV shows I love to watch;
1.Top Model
2. So you think you can Dance
3. Seventh Heaven
4. Rachel Ray
5.Tyra Banks
6. Friends
7. Bachelor/Bachelorette
8. Let's Dance

8 things I look forward to;
1. Summer
2. Trip around Europe (july)
3. 2012- visiting Philippines again
4. My 40th birthday:)
5. The coming of my second baby
6. My mother's visit here in Sweden
7. New opportunities
8. Unspoken (only me and Him knows:)

8 things I am passionate about;
1. Blogging (lately)
2. Reading novels (before specially by Sheldon, Steel and Ludlum)
3. Writing
4. Talking
5. Helping Churches
6. Singing and playing guitar
7. Riding or driving motorcycle
8. Playing with my little Girl!

8 words/phrases I often use;
1. Anyway
2. Consider it done!
3. Godbless!
4. How's your work honey!
5. Nothing!
6. Oh..please, not again!
7. Everything's alright?
8. Vad gör du/ni? (what are you doing?)

8 things I learned from the past;
1. God provides!
2. Think twice before doing or saying something!
3. My ways are ordered by the Lord.
4. Love yourself
5. Sleep right
6. Study your lessons
7. Try to understand people deeply
8. Do not assume!

8 blogger friends I want to tag-adag;

2. Mariz
3. Shy
5. Khim

Grab it guys..I'll do the linking tomorrow! so sleepy already:)

Happy weekend!

7 readers digest:

David Funk said...

Congrats on all the tags/awards, Janet!

Have a great weekend my dear friend!

eng said...

wow! its raining awards in here...congrats!

yeah! it has been awhile....and its nice to be back.

have a fantastic weekend!


Mel Avila Alarilla said...

Congratulations on your numerous awards. You deserve them all. Alam ko marami pang dadating na tone toneladang awards, lol. Marunong ka palang kumanta at maggitara. Baka naman pwedeng mag upload ka nang isang kanta sa Utube. Malay mo baka sumikat ka rin katulad ni Alyssa Alano, lol. Thanks for the informative post. God bless you all always.

RicAdeMus said...

COngratulations on the awards. You deserve them! And thank you for sharing the Eminent Eight. I have gotten behind on tags and awards, but I hope to catch up soon!

kathy said...

Agoy! Na-apil diay ko ani... Grab ko ni ugma sis, promise... Sensya na jud kron lng ko k-bisita kay busy kau ang nanay andam para sa bday ni fifi.. Hay naku! ambot n lng!

Sensya na jud sis... Labay lng ko kay adto sa ko sa site ni laikka


maricar said...

Congrats! ;) uu nga bakit di ka mag upload sa youtube? ;) just smiling by naalala kasi kita e and wow! i read your plans traveling ;) i'll be looking forward to that! ha!ha! ;)

teJan said...

weeee..i wish! but tack och lov!

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