3 Jan 2010

What a beautiful View!

Every December 31, 5pm here in Sweden, there's always beautiful fireworks they would let go to welcome the New Year!!! It's a tradition here and the government here in gothenburg spent more or less 250thousand swedish crowns on fireworks everytime! So crazy than it is but its so nice to see and it will last 15-20 minutes. We usually go to the place where we can see everything and many people also come to witness. But this year or last thursday, we were not able to come to that place because of the minus degree weather we had that time. So we just tried to watch at home. Since our apartment is so far we didn't saw as much as we want. Only those that were high enough and big ones!

So, at 5pm, when my husband opened up the window and called me because the traditional beautiful fireworks will already start, as I hurried up with my camera of course,.. there's this one beautiful view that catch my attention instead as I went looking outside the window...t'was a beautiful full moon. I'm not a good photographer but still I tried to get a picture on it:) I wish I could get a good one but anyway, I really appreciates its beauty that night than the fireworks that were also going on that time! As I visited other site, I read many write ups that it was actually a bluemoon because it was the second fullmoon of the month. I have no idea about all of these but I was so happy to catch a glimpse of it!

Note: Will you agree that the my catch turns out to be a heart form instead of full moon form..hehe! just noticed it! Have a great time!!!

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Mel Avila Alarilla said...

I've heard that there is only one blue moon in a year, hence the saying once in a blue moon which signifies a rarity or a rare occurrence. Too bad that weather was really so cold last New Year and that prevented you from going to that place where you could have seen the fireworks display. Thanks for the post. God bless you all always.

Rossel said...

i haven't seen blue moon yet. happy new year, Tejan! may you have a fruitful 2010.

NURA said...

halo Tejan,,
thank for visit,
happy new year 2010,,
sucessfull for you.

Glenn Kun said...

hello there mama ^^. are u a filipina? well, u look like a filipina. Hmm. I like your fireworks photos^^just keep shooting great things and moments! ^^ keep in touch!we love photography! :]

teJan said...

heheh..yah..blue moon is so rare it will appear once in a blue moon..ahheheh! anyway, felt lucky to see it before the year ends and even got a catch on it!

@glenn, yes dear, i am a filipina..., in my blood runs the immortal seeds of heroes...! hahahahh! but why you are talking about the fireworks?... it's the blue moon there darling!!! hehhe! godbless!

Jenny said...

hahaha meron din akong ganyan..hehehe post ko din sana today but since napost mo na, hwag na alng...di ba and cute niyan..heheh

Hows your weekend?

Just text me anytime you want to drop by here ha..Ingat

Liza said...

Oh yes, the blue moon was so beautiful that night. My family went out of the house just to view and enjoy it for a few minutes. They say a blue moon comes only every 60 years.

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RicAdeMus said...

It is a great pisture. I love looking up at the moon, especially when Venus is nearby. The night sky is so much clearer in the winter, I really enjoy going for walks just so I can enjoy the stars.

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