27 Jan 2010

Couple's Corner# 14.. Have I told you lately...?

Weeee..."Have I told you lately that "I love You:)" is the topic for today's CC! well, well, well! As I roam around reading other's love stories... I love it..I mean I learned many things about this thing called LOVE:)

Rodliz’s Nest

This Three Letter Word are so heartwarming to hear and we are not "suppose" get tired hearing and saying this. But these words became so common that we tend to forget the importance of it. Like other couple here in "Couple's Corner" me and my husband are fond of saying these words to each other. It was not planned, we don't have a deal, we didn't talk about it, it just came naturally. Wherever, whatever and whenever. Like every phonecalls and text messages, always ends up with these magic words whatever the topic on your conversation:) hehe.

Before when we still have no child and had all the time at home and even until when I've got my baby and no other thing to do but attending my girl, I usually woke up early with him and prepare everything for him before he'll go to work, then at the door..as in he's outside and i'm inside, and I was like holding the door and kissing with words.. i love you, have a nice day, take care, ses snårt :) (see you soon). That was everyday.(We still do it now when I woke up with him). And when we are in bed and maybe do something else like talking and or playing with our girl or something lovely:)wink*.. we make sure or automatically we say good night , love you of course the kisses before we went to sleep.

But when I got already so much to do, like school and working late, I cannot wake up with him anymore. I rather prepare his lunch box the night before and sleeping until 8 or 9am. My husband get up 5am;) and go out to work at 6am. But one thing HE never forget and he cannot go without, is kissing and hugging me while am still at the bed just to say 'hej då så länge älskling' ", love you" mwaah! and of course, who can't wake up on that:) so even i'm in bed, i always hug back and say love you, drive safely and Godbless today!!! Thats for always!!!

LATELY, after that saturday meeting with the new couple.. (my cousin who just arrived here to live with her husband) When we get home, we had a talk with my hubby about what we noticed about them..we are always like that, we talk about the whole day's happenings. Anyway, we saw ourselves before on them when I also arrived here. We have the same feelings...we were reminiscing our selves how it was when we finally be together. THEN HE HUG ME TIGHT AND KISSED ME.., and said "I LOVE YOU SO MUCH Mrs. Janeth Björlin" And that will be forever. Oh my, I tell you, it was not the usual love yous that we shared everyday. This is not the first time he said that kind of IloveYou, but LATELY he blurted it again:) Me??? whoa, I always did and I mean it everytime! I'm an extrovert so I always told him how thankful and lucky I am to be loved by Him. And that I so love loving him.

Everytime I'm angry and feel bad on him.., While crying I'll say; "I love You Älskling" to remind me and him that even if we fight and I have this kind of feelings, the love that I have for him never change:) huhu.. Have a lovely CC everyone! teary nako..got to end up here:)

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RicAdeMus said...

My wife and I remember to say it. That surprises me a little because my family didn't believe in saying it, ever!

Mom of Four said...

Hehehe! katuwa ka naman, kahit galit ka nag a I love you ka pa rin? that's different. Iba iba naman ang bawat couples, yung iba, they say I love you's all the time, but others don't. Nasa mag asawa naman yan kung ano ang prefer nila. I prefer to have I love you's in a regular basis, it's just how I feel.

Different stories dito sa CC noh? but bottom line is, we are all happy and successful in our marriages. thanks for sharing your story. Until next week.

Chie Wilks said...

ohh ka-sweet..mas masarap pakinggan ang salitang "I love You" pag talagang galing puso.... not only for the sake of saying it...keep the love burning sis!

Misalyn said...

Hayyyyyyyyyyyy...ang sweet naman. To think na magkaiba kayo ng nationality. Its nice know how you love each other.

Thanks for sharing sissy.

Mel Avila Alarilla said...

Wow, what a lovely post. It's a veritable love story that can thrill anybody just like a love story movie. It's nice to hear about couples still saying those three magic words even if they have been living together for quite sometime already. It is an affirmation of one's undying love to his beloved. Thanks for the feel good post. God bless you all always. BTW, I love the wink part, hehehe, lol. Joke only.

Lulu said...

wow pareha ta jan.. we always say i love you... bisan naghilak na ko ug muandar ang sapot... i love you gihapon... ingon dayon ko i love you but you are not nice to me.... with matching bakho bakho hahahah artistahon nga asawa!

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