17 Jan 2010

Wise Planning!!!

Oh..weekend is over..huhu! tomorrow starts my calvary..haha! What I mean is real classes will already starts tomorrow and my first subject will be so early like 8:30am, and this is abnormal to me. We used to wake up at 8am and put my girl to school at 9:00 coz my classes used to start at 10am, its one hour travel from our place to my school. So this time I have to wake up at 6am in order to make it on time!

This weekend seemed so short for me because of so many schedules we were into. I planned to sleep early today like 9pm as possible because I have to wake up early, as in change routine:) But then, we just arrived from a friend's dinner invitation. They are about to have a vacation to our homeland and they will be gone like 4months since they have not visited there for like 12years now! Uh,uh! The Swedish husband planned to rent a car under thier stay there because of the fact that they have 2 children and its not easy to travel and tours without a car specially when you are not used to it! I mean people here are used to drive their own car. They were checking car hire online and so I suggested to check at Car Rental Comparison because as I know, they have a wide top car hire regions. And not only that, they offer good car rental prices specially that they'll do it for couple of months.They have good package offers. I really admired this couple when it comes to wise planning. Everything they see to it that it will be convenient for them. Well, we are just happy for them atlast they can have their family vacation they longed forward to, and now its time:)

Well, well,well! I have to park here and try to sleep earlier as the usual, wink* . I am a night person so I usually sleep late and wake up late like I used to sleep 12pm or 1am..heheh. But this semester, its a challenge for me to change my sleeping routine and that is to sleep earlier because I have to wake up early! Hmmm..goodluck to me!!!

Have a great week ahead everyone!

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shydub said...

Bilis talaga ng weekend ano, haay kulang ang dalawang araw na pahinga. Hala tulog na jan ky skwela pka, take care

RicAdeMus said...

Good luck with the early morning!

kathy said...

Hala gudluck dha tejan! I'm sure lisod kau imata'g sayo labi na kay buntis ka.. Maau gani dli ka magduka sa imong classroom.. hehehe


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