21 Jan 2010

Just Married!

While we were at my husband's co-worker's house for a visit and having our dinner there today, I recieved a text message from my aunt that my cousin from Philippines who just get married to a swedish man last June, now finally arrive here in Sweden. Weeee, another family here..hehe. It feels good indeed! We are so happy that she did it, I mean to fly alone and arrived safely is a little hard but its so heartwarming knowing she passed through it!

Well, I know she together with her husband will go through lots of adjustments and have to start building their own family now. And its not that easy though. But we her family who were ahead on this path she has to take are just here willing to support and help her go through. She's still young and I know it will be more harder for her but she's lucky because we are already here who can guide her and ready to be there for her when in need!

Since, we were not there in Philippines during their wedding, we have to give our gifts for them here. While waiting of her coming, me and my husband find it hard to decide what we can give them as wedding gift. As we were both thinking, I burted out; how about buying a convection toaster oven from the Internet. I found this site who has a different kind of oven toaster and we both agreed and thought it will be good. Almost every family here in Sweden has an oven toaster, because this is very helpful not only to bake, broil or cook, convection oven has rotisserie for cooking chicken, fowl and other meats. I think this is perfect for a new couple. It can make our work/food fast and easy!

My dear cousin, welcome to Sweden! And embrace the reality! hahahh! Congratulations! We are excited to see you this saturday! See yah!

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Lulu said...

hey jan pwede kana i regalo nimo inig kasal namo hehehe

Seiko said...

Congrats and Best Wisher to your cousin! :D

And i'm sure your cousin will be happy and will love your gift. God Bless!

analou said...

It is nice to know that you have a relative that you can visit one of this day in Sweden. I have long time friend there too who is a swedish and live in a little town, Laxa. He is my friend even before I first met my husband. Well, congrats to your cousin Jan.

By the way I have an award for you. Have a nice day!

teJan said...


@analou.. I will ask about it I mean kung asa na dapita and Laxa:) thanks sa award will grab it!

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