20 Jan 2010

CC # 13...How WELL do we know each other:)

This wednesday, the topic at Couple's Corner is "How WELL do we know our partners:)" Hmmm... not so well! heheh. But before anything else, I would like to acknowledge the author of this meme, the sweet Liz of Rodliz' Nest!
Rodliz’s Nest

Well, on our almost 5years now of being married and 4 years next week of being together, I can say, I already know my husband pretty well:) There's nothing so special and mysterious about him anyway. Naah..he don't tell what he knows about me.., all he knows that he loves me period! (ering). Sorry guys can't share here about me yeheeeyyyy!!! Wait a minute... he said he knows that I own the world's SMILE:) weeee!

My husband is a jack of all trade master of none! Hehe. You can put him anywhere and can mingle himself to anyone. He can be with formal and executive type of people and act like one and he can be a cowboy sporty one together with the like! Thats why we can just hangout with anyone in all walks of life. He knows many things nad can do many things just no specialty.

He eats everything serve aside from fish and 'laman- loob'. He don't sing and dance... he was forced to dance on our wedding during "pago dance" where people hanging money on our dress:) hahaa! And maybe his next dance will be on our daughter's debut, he said! He loves driving motorcycle than car:) His greatest hobby when just at home is the never dying Ever Quest:)

He's a man who believe that "one word is enough for a wise man"hehe..his Yes is a YES, and his No is a NO! Thats why he don't decide fast he must think first, and a man of few words because every single word that comes out from his mouth, he mean it! Once he said it, he don't want to say it again and again! He's so smart but don't brag about it! Huh.., he loves Science books and magazine.

His weak part??? oh well, so easy to accept and love compared to mine!! hahah. If all women see HIM, Only him sees ME. (waaa, avatar) Anyway.. I'm already so sleepy, I will just edit or add more tomorrow! See yah!

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Mel Avila Alarilla said...

You seem to have found your ideal man indeed. The way you describe him shows just how much you love him. And as you describe him, he also loves you so much and dotes on you very much. Soul mate nga siguro kayo kaya very compatible kayo. I hope and pray that your relationship will last until death and you will remain faithful to each other up to the end. Thanks for the post. God bless you all always.

teJan said...

Hi..Mel, yap indeed he is God given husband for me. He might not my ideal from the start, or when I was younger but now I'm really thankful that I have given an IDEAL HUSBAND! heheh.

Godbless and thanks for the comment as always!

Bambie dear ★ said...

yeah he seems to be an ideal man. Almost same character as my hubby.. We're so lucky.

ANyway, havent posted mine yet. Have a nice day mwah =)

Cecile said...

so lucky you naman sa aswa mo, he mingle with everyone in all walks of life....galing naman, siguro dami niya friends noh? sounds like you really know him well and vice versa :-)

thanks for the comment and visit, tejan :-)!

Mom of Four said...

A man of few words...That's deep.. I guess, I would rather be with man of few words, than one with so many words, kakaasar kapag madaldal, ahahah! Hubby ko rin, Mr Handyman ang tawag ko, kasi he knows how to do everything, except maglaba ng mga puting damit,nagiging pula ahahaha!

You are so lucky for having your husband in your life. Actually, lahat tayong nasa Couple's Corner, maswerte tayong lahat, don't you think? Lahat ng stories natin eh successful di ba? We all have the greatest hubbies one can ever ask for. Thanks for joining teJan, next week uli!

Bakit ganon, he didn't write anything about you., Perfect wife ka siguro, hehehe!

Clarissa said...

Super friendly pala cya in nature,lapitin ng mga kaibigan^_^I agree with your husband,you have the worlds greatest smile!!^_^

Happy CC!!^_^

acmumcee said...

Ang saya naman ng hubby mo teJan.. kakatuwa kase you won't be shy to introduce her to anybody because he knows how to handle himself properly. Tama si ate liz.. couples in couple's corner are indeed blessed and lucky for having a successful marriage.

Lina Gustina said...

Wow, you know him sooo well...
Have a happy marriage life for you both :)

RicAdeMus said...

SOunds like you found a good man! =)

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