31 Aug 2009

My day @ 35!

Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah! I'm already getting old! Hehe.I'm so thankful to my heavenly Father for giving me another new year. And ever since, He's been so good and forever faithful into my life. I cannot thank enough for his promises never fails. Up to this day, I felt so satisfied and overflowing joy that I am now complete, I could not ask for more.

Many things happens but whether it was good or bad, all those were needed to become what I am now! I may not be perfect though but I have enough! And I'll bring all the glory back to my heavenly Father who knows me inside out, who knows my weaknesses and yet loves me anyway:)
No body knows how weak I am, better than Him,
And nobody's eyes' see through my soul but His'
And nobody has the power to change me to what I was born to be but Him!
To God be the Glory!
Celebrate with me everyone!!!

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rjs mama said...

happy 35th birthday

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