16 Dec 2009

CC# 10..Shopping Before and After;)

Topic on today's Couple's Corner is about shopping before and after! heheh. I don't understand at first what we have to write about this shopping thing! So I hop around reading thier different stories first!
Rodliz’s Nest

Well, I was not into shopping when I was still single.I rather saved my money for travel and adventure than for shopping things;) I just buy things if I really need it to. Dresses was not even my problem since because my mother is a dressmaker and on jeans and shoes, I don't buy until my two pairs still do. On shirts, I always bought 2 or 3 every time but those that costs 3 for 100 in my time. Those thin and cool shirts, I like it not only it feels comfortable but also cheap.heheh!I don't care if its branded or not, as long as I'm comfortable with it there I go. I don't know why I was like that maybe because I had no enough money for it or because I have an attitude on things, (pul-anon sa bisaya pa) I cannot stay,or hold on things so long! I always want new things and always want 'change'.

And the same with my husband, he just buy once but the good one and will not buy until what he has still okey to use! He was into other things like computers and motorcyle and its gadgets... there all his money went when he was single! Touring around with friends riding motorcycles! We have lots in common heheh.

But when we got married things changed a lot! well, he still not into shopping clothes or shoes but me? Hmmm... I do love shopping now, and I shop for him heheh but I think the same style of shopping. I'm a club member of almost all shopping stores here..heheh and therefore I recieves discount coupons every now and then. Shopping many at one time not shopping one piece every now and then is my style of shopping. I don't know if there's a difference on it. Like I will buy for example blouses/shirts 4-5 pieces that one time and my girl's clothes like 2 or more, for my husband also 2 or more, then the whole month or two, you cannot see me shopping again. While there are some who in a way just buying one that day but you can see her again the next day or 2 days after..thats another style..heheh! I think! And still I'm not so particular on branded things, as long as I feel good on it and it looks better on me then I'll go for it! If I have branded things, its not because of its name therefore I bought it but because it fits me good and I'm comfortable on it!

Hmm..happy shopping everyone este happy CC!!!wink*

10 readers digest:

Mom of Four said...

We're the same way when it comes to shopping multiple items. When it's on sale, I will get my hubby shirts, or the kids, 4 pairs each different colors. I take advantage of the sale price. I used to buy me some, but, now, I have clothes that I got from Goodwill (thrift store) and I use them a lot. If I ever bought a branded stuff, those were out of season clearance and not more than $5, ahahaha! I love discounts, coupons and those free stuff. Tapos na ang mga maliligayang araw ko sa pag shopping ng mahal, noon yun, di na ngayon., Hirap ng buhay eh.

It's not the brand di ba? it's how it looks on us while we're wearing it. Kapag sexy tayong tingnan, kahit mumurahin siya, maganda na rin tayo. Hehehe..joke, baka tamaan ako ng kidlat.

Dhemz said...

pahuwama ra jud ko anang imong mga gift cards ug coupons te...ehehhe!

agi ko dire kdali kay mag tuon sa jud ko..sige lang ko ug wara-wara!

teJan said...

weee.. ya right mommy liz thats what I mean, I take advantage on sale so bili na hanggang maganda pa ang presyo hahah!

Dhemz, sure! dia pakas duol preha nila jenny ug shy ay before mopalit ask usa nako kung may coupons..waaaa!!!..hala tuon usa oi! kami ala nay klase..next term nasad! heheh

ruby said...

uso pud d i coupons dha..


Clarissa said...

WWeee!!I'm glad I'm not the only one who loves coupons and sales!!Basta't makamura kahit konti ok na magagamit naman sa iba yung sobra.^_^

Thanks for dropping by,Tejan!!^_^

Cecile said...

basta coupons talaga di pahuhuli ang mga Pinay na gaya natin :-)

Maxi said...

wow Janet! good for you. at least you are enjoying life to the fullest. ganun naman talaga dapat, diba? life is too short not to enjoy every minute of it. kaya enjoy lang! do what you wanna do.

happy shopping to you and keep on using those coupons! i have lots of coupons here, too. will surely use them all for the holidays! hugs!

Manang Kim said...

Iba talaga ang pinay wise sa bilihan ^_^

My CC-Shopping galore

shydub said...

Aguy, jan, ingon ana na jud ang life sa inahang ulay, hala gunting sa coupon hehehehe. |Your lucky coz your hubby has money for adventure and travel hehehe. sugot ko travel bahala dili ka shopping ky wala mn sd kwarta i shopping gd. Ikaw nga naa sapi i shopping dili mag shopping, akoon nlng na imung kwarta bi hehehehehe. Thanks for sharing, lingaw ko basa imung shopping galore jhang

teJan said...

Shang, ala jud tawn koy wawart pod e shopping.., mao bitaw maningkamot ta anang coupon heheh! Kwarta sa ako bana kay igo ra pamayad sa mga bills:( heheh! But we are happy!

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