18 Dec 2009

My Mommy Moment's favorite entry!!!

Its FRIDAY and its Mommy Moment time;) I'm so much thankful to Chris who host this meme and to all mommys I met here. When I look back, I just started the last week of July and my first entry was " My little Miss Messy". I also have many absenses as the months went by.And so I have just few entries. But then I am so thankful and happy for this meme, here I found kind and amazing mommys working online;) I've learned a lots from them and I enjoy it everytime. The topics were just so interesting and lovely!

mommy moments
Today's topic is to share our MM's favorite entry. I love all the topics but few of my favorites were Treasured Photos, oh I love this, because I cannot help but cry looking at my reflection. I cannot believe that "this girl is now a mommy" reffering to myself, and was the title of my entry:) It was so touchy and heartwarming entry! Seeing those photos when I was still a girl and young and body still so tiny..heheh, compared to now, uh,uh, body already needs tummy tuck hehe. I mean, when we get babies, our body will never be the same again except those who are gifted. aheheh!

I also like the "music and me" topic which shows my little one and myself having fun with it because we both like music! I like this topic because it was not hard for me to find pictures because I have lots..heheh! I mean its our thing! And last but not the least was the last week's meme, the "My Mommy Moment" our time together, our bonding with our little ones! So good to recall and through looking those pictures, I realize what a wonderful and sweet daughter I have..hehe!
Thanks everyone and Merry Christmas to all Mommys out there!!!

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Clarissa said...

Pamilya pala kayo ng mga singers,Tejan!!Siguro magaganda ang mga boses nyo?!^_^Hugs to Laikka!!

Happy MM!!

Tetcha said...

I love the themes you mentioned, too. Happy Mommy Moments. Please visit my entry if you have time. Thanks!

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