1 Dec 2009

CC#8- tejan's "kiss and make ups"

I got an air mattress reviews and it reminds me of today's couple's corner;) Hehe, it was like just yesterday that I wrote my CC #7 and now its time again! Hmm.., today's topic is "Kiss and make up!" Why air matress reminds me of this topic? you will see when you read my story;)

As I was saying from the last post, that our misunderstanding occurs late:) It appears just a year ago:) And so rare... hehe but these past few months were like once a month..wink*. But its not big fights just misunderstanding!

My husband primarily likes me because of my being so extrovert! I say when I feel like saying, which sometimes I have a tendency to be tactless but then he likes it because he wants me to say anything what I have in mind! He is a good listener and I'm a good talker, and this makes us compatible. Thats why, when we have misunderstanding, it will be fix so easily because I really expresses my feelings right there and then! And funny because even if I'm already angry, irritated,pissed off and crying, still I adress him ' älskling ' (swedish for honey or sweetheart). After will I pour out my drama, he will just simply hug me and cry explaining he don't mean to hurt me! When he cry... the fire on me shut off! Then back to normal.

But one time, we were visiting and sleep over my aunt's house. I was unreasonable, but hello, I can't sleep without holding his hands..hehe! The situation was this;

The bed on my aunt's guest room is a doubledeck bed and single. Bec. we were 3 one has to sleep on the extra air matress bed, Laikka sleep first but on the matress so I sleep beside her hoping my husband will also sleep with us. But then when he went to bed and thought we were already sleeping he kissed us then lied down on the guest bed! I asked him to sleep with us, he said, 'no' its impossible! I was hurt or felt bad on that lines..hehe (mabaw) I became silent hoping he 'll noticed that I felt bad! But all the way he fall asleep while I remained hurt until I sobs til sleep! He might so tired that he no longer heared my sobbing! (drama!)

Rodliz’s Nest
That was the only time I didn't spoke to him that I was hurt. On the next morning, the atmosphere just became normal automatically. I thought, it was nonsense,so no need to get it back into the topic:) I just realized it was unreasonable feelings which me myself don't understand why I felt it! Maybe hormones..heheh!

This is simply our "kiss and make up"... with hugs and kisses, and sometimes he will bring me to places which he thinks I'd like to hang-out and sometimes just happened automatically! Happy CC everyone!

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ShY said...

Sus buntis nag tumbling tumbling man d i ka sa akong blog mura dili buntit hehehe. Nakatumbling sd hinuon ko diri.

Awww basta juntis and hormones day, lisud sabton. Grabe ka emo and dramatic, maynalng wala ka nakig away pag buntag. Nice story jan, bayd na nga post ha brought to you by air matress hehehehe joke lng.

marielle said...

Hello there! Enjoy the week. God Bless!

teJan said...

@shy.. perti ka bright sa inahan:) secret! heheh! thanks for dropping here!

Mom of Four said...

Aba, at talagang kahit galit ka tinatawag mo pa rin siyang Honey. Ay ang arte naman ng drama mo, hehehe... nalaman ba niyang na hurt ang iyong little heart kasi di siya tumabi sa inyong mag ina?? See, you were hurt and yet you never let him know about it. you might mention it to him causally while you're having dinner or what have you. Ako kasi lately ko n lang na re realize na I guess, I can tell my husband every little drama I have in me, so that next time eh he's aware of my feelings. Oh di ba?

Tayo talagang mga babae, ang daming drama sa buhay, buti na lang ang mga asawa natin, kaya tayong pagpasensiyahan, di ba? Thansk for joining this week's Meme. Next Wednesday na uli, Jealousy naman..eto my entry talaga ako, ehehehe.

Dhemz said...

ayay! ang babaw...murag ako...waaaaaaaaaa....drama kaau!

eds said...

haha natawa nman ako dun.. sabagay nangyayari talaga minsan yan. or minsan kasi sobrang nabe-beybi tayo iniignore na lang... ako nga pag di nakiss sa gabi eh nagttampo rin ako.. kaya ngaun kahit tukuran na nia ang mata nia sa antok kikiss un para walang away :D

here's mine >> http://mydigihome.info/?p=288

Lulu said...

aray ko mga resourceful jud ni mga maders da... pati ang CC with air mattress review gud!

just dropping by sa mga CCs ... dili lang ko apil ani kay unya mabuko akong mga secrets wahehehe

Clarissa said...

hahahaaa!!Ang babaw nga lol!You're just like me,kahit na sa konting bagay,nagtatampo lol!^_^

sweet_shelo said...

he he.. I enjoyed your post sis.. Sweet naman ng hubby mo.. Kaw ha, di lang ka mataparan suko na ka.. hehe..

Late post ko sis, tamad na kasi paanak na ako eh.. here's mine:

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