4 Dec 2009

Christmas Gifts

Now its Christmas time! The 'hide and seek' time between the giver and reciever..waheheh! Yeah, I mean 'gifts'. For the children, its the best time of the year because they have great possibilities to get what they want. It's like asking is not a big deal when its christmas! some even solicit it;) "What you want for Christmas?" wow, that question is like beautiful music in the ear! But for adults, its the time when they have to scratch their head even if its not itchy;) They said, if they only can hide!!! weeee!

I remember when I was still young, Christmas was one those few times we can have a new things like toys, shoes, accessories or dress to other children;) Actually, we only can have twice a year, one for christmas and one for school closing. Now, I can't explain the feelings I have, when few of my cousins, nieces and nephews asks me something as christmas gift;) I mean, hello, its my turn now to be the giver when almost half of my life I used to be the reciever. It feels good actually. One of my nephew, my favorite, my cousin's son, he's my first nephew actually and he's already 9years old almost 10 and he calls me "tita cute". Isn't it sweet! Well, he ask me a skateboard, he said all his friends have their own skateboards already! Oh no!hehe.

Well, I already starts to like it.., I mean to be the giver this time;) Being a reciever is not fun actually, its not easy as it looks! But when you give? its something! Though sometimes, there's these pressures but if I have to choose? I will choose my situation now;) To be the giver than a reciever! Bless your heart everyone:)

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♥Willa♥ said...

hays...di na talaga mapipigil ang christmas,it's only a few weeks aways.and to add more to it,I have a Christmas Tag for you. :)

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