8 Dec 2009


I hate it!!! And I hate myself always got deadlines:( Huh! when will I learn!

As I said that my mind works good under pressures, specially when it comes to school assignments and requirements like paper works, projects and the like! And now, I'm dead! Here I am again, I have two big paper works to do , each has to be 5-6 pages, and tomorrow will be the last dateline! I'm cramming now, everyone are sleeping, while me still fighting on these pa...pers!..huhu! All I hear are the sweet sounds of sleep by my daughter and hubby. It seems, my mind don't work anymore!! help!;)

Just finished with Module-1..toink! hehhe more to gooooo!!! So, please excuse me guys for being absent on blogland today and tomorrow! When tomorrow is over, I can breath long and be back to normal!!! lol! Hang on me..I'll see you when I see you;) wink*

3 readers digest:

roanne said...

Good luck sa paper works! Hope you finish on time :) if at times you feel that you're fully loaded, just blog it to release the tension :)

maricar said...

have you heard about "ONTOGMOLOGO"? hehe just kiddin' tejan ;) take it easy!

teJan said...

weeeee!!!! human jud intawn!!!! makaginhawa nako!!! aheheheh! To God be the Glory!!!

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