23 Dec 2009

My Unforgettable Christmas!!!CC# 10?

Weeee...Wendesday! and its Couples Corner! And its Christmas! hehe almost anyway! An Unforgettable Christmas is the topic for today!!!

Mine is easy:) How can I forget my first Christmas here in Sweden, away from my family but celebrating it with the family of my own! I got my little darling on Christmas time so it was the happiest though lots of things I had to adjust that time but it was fulfilling! Thats why it was unforgettable! Lots,lots,lots and mixed! First time also to meet my husbands whole family. Its a family tradition to celebrate together every christmas !

This picture was our first family picture at Christmas time with our 2weeks old little Laikka;) Happy holidays every one and Happy CC!!!

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Cmte. Valter said...

Hello my dear friend Tejan, Merry Christmas for you and your Family with happiness, peace and health. Hugs Valter.

Seiko said...

You got a lovely family. cute2x ni Laikka *giggles*

Have a blessed holidays with your family!

Mom of Four said...

Waahhhhh! That is indeed an unforgettable Christmas...Iba kapag may baby, super saya. Wow, so every Christmas your in-laws get together as a tradition? dito sa amin eh Thanksgiving naman nila ginagawa, then we have Christmas party on Saturday before Christmas. Masaya kapag magkakasama non? pero walang sasaya kung sana mga family natin sa PInas ang kasama, sobrang gastos lang kasi umuwi eh. Kung mayamn lang ako, every Christmas uuwi kami, hahaha.

Happy Holidays to you all, teJan, and kisses to Laikka.

teJan said...

hahahha... yap, every christmas mag get together lahat, bale, iba-iba lang venue!

Next time makauwi kami pinas gusto namin december naman para makapasko kami dun;) Hopefully 2012..heheh!

Me said...

Hello wala pa ko kabasa just wanna wish you all a happy happy holidays....!

hug and kisses from all of us!

Wengss said...


wow thats the greatest christmas gift you've got. A small beautiful angel was born.
Sarap ng feeling pag nanay noh ..

Happy christmas to you out there.

Dhemz said...

mao jud ni ang unforgettable nga gift...ehhehhee!

gleenn said...

i haven't had catch you for sometime that I missed the coming of your cute baby. he's so adorable ;)

sheng said...

ang cute cute nman ng baby mo...pakurot nga....pakiss na rin at paakap...

Happy New Year Dear!

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