18 Dec 2009

Repaired and Free!

Weeee! my camera is back. As I mentioned last week that my camera went bad and so lucky that we still catch the last day on its guarantee, but then I was not so sure when we handed it back to the store because the agent said, he cannot decide yet if we have to pay for repair or we can still avail for free! but at the right time, atleast before christmas, the store called me yesterday and told me the camera is ready for pick up! When my husband picked it up, its free!!! hehe. haaay thanks cause incase? its gonna be a bit expensive for us! I mean, repair here is expensive:)
But then my other problem as of now is my husband misplaced the mini-card! Hmmm. Must look for it..we will visit later tonight to Santa's land and I should have the camera, you know picture!picture!!! hehe. Okey, up here must look for it first;)

2 readers digest:

Dhemz said...

ayay! free diay...maau kay wala gasto...ehhehe...dire te kay maypag mag buy nalang ug new kay sa magpa repair...mahal man repair dre woi...mau pa sa ato sa pinas...ehehhehe...

Laikka said...

mahal man pod diri dhems, galing kay na ka cover pa sya sa garantee..hehe nya tinood ka maypa palit bag-o. diri pod oi! heheh..maypa dad-on sa pinas ang mga guba didto ipaayad!hehe

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