2 Dec 2009

Lots today;)

Today was a hard day for me;( I was not able to come to any of my 2 subjects. Anyway, its our last meeting as a class but we can go directly personally anytime next week to our corresponding teachers to know how and what its gonna be next semester! Huh..I felt hanging..I cannot imagine that this term is finish!

I have an important meeting at work today, thats why I was not able to attend school. It's a yearly inventory so everyone must come to be informed for the next year's plan! And it's Angelikka's free day at school, teachers have meeting so school was closed. So, my husband also was free from work today to take care of her. My meeting was in the afternoon at 1pm. But we already went out from the house at 10am after our brunch because we dropped by the store to buy some things needed for tomorrow's celebration of Angelikka's birthday! It took us little long there because I was captivated by the 'new arrival' modern bedroom sets displayed there! Hmmp! women!

Anyhow, because I will be late if I will take the train so my husband decided to drive me to my workplace! I arrived 5minutes late heheh! But everything went well! Comments, performances, salaries, co-workers -'out and in'..hehe everyone were happy because we did a good job this year:) So, what I have to do now is rest for tomorrow will be another long day!!! It will be fun for my little girl anyway! Happy Birthday gumman!!!

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Exchange link?

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Happy Friday! God Bless!

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