16 Dec 2009


Sorry guys, I was not able to visit you last night. My computer or our internet went bad again. I just started working maybe visited 2 or 3 then weee, downloading was sooooo slow and annoying! Even my husband was irritated because he was in the middle of his online game and really so slow! So we decided to sleep early. Hehe! Anyway..I will visit you today instead;) its a little better now!
Anyway what I will be sharing today which I will suppose to write this last night is about what had happen yesterday when I was on my way to work. Since I just commute everyday by train or bus I always encounter different situations;) Yesterday, I really felt affected about a father (not Swedish) carrying a barnvagn with his son in it. He was caught by the traffic ticket control, and when its like that, its not so good scenario because ticket control team are 5 to 6 persons and huge..hehe for me. Anyway, here we have to buy a monthly ridecard costs 500kr and you can already ride bus or train all the time within the whole month and within the whole city with it with you. Just show it to the machine everytime we ride. Now, if in case you dont travel much as commuters you can just buy a single ticket in the machine inside the train cost 20kr. for 90minutes. But this year they provided one way of buying single ticket which is through mobile phone, just type the code then send to the number they provide. This way is just easy because its just a click away. Many cheats this way, because the ticket control are not always presents. They just pop-up from nowhere to catch the cheater..hehe those who don't pay their ride! They are sometimes just look like a passengers.

So this man yesterday tried to cheat, I mean he already type everything needed in his phone but did not send it yet anyway, its just a click incase there's a police control, and if nothing, he can ride free.. I knew this because we experienced it me and Shy. Thats why I was so affected because one more station and we will arrive in the city the police just came and inspected if we have tickets, so the man right away click his phone so when the police asked him he simply show his phone but the police shouted and still catch him and said "just 30 seconds ago take him" Oh that was horrible. The fines is 1200kr. everytime you were catch plus the shame! So, I realize that way will not work either trying to cheat them.., I became so afraid remembering the time we did it! That was just once and now that I knew, I will never do it again! as my husband said, better pay the 20kr than 1200. hehe.

Sometimes we think something stupid! We think we can outsmart them by doing it! we don't realize they already had it all handed down the lots of possibilities that might happen along the way, on that help they provide! GOTCHA!!!

2 readers digest:

Me said...

na mao gyud na oj...mahal ra ba gyud kaayo pag-masakpan.....

teJan said...

na..maayo gani kay alay nanginspection tong time nga huna-huna namo e click nalng pag naay inspector..kay ma trace man diay japun nila kung bag-o pa gi send..heheh!

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