26 Dec 2009

Exchanging Gifts!!!

One of the traditional program in our gathering with the family every christmas is the exchanging gifts! We don't be recieving and giving gifts for adults, all we need to prepare are for children. But each one of us has to prepare gift for our exchanging gift! In this case, this would be the only gift we can recieve during the time! The style of changing the gift is fun, because we have to put all the gifts in the center and we throw dice, those who can get number 1 or 6 can choose the gift he/she want. After everyone got a gift, we have to open it so we'll know what's inside. Then the dice will be thrown again within 10minutes and in the same way if one can get number 1 or 6, he can grab a gift he want from others and change it to what he first picked. The dice run within 10 minutes and the gifts can be pass and grabbed back and forth until the time stops then what you have at the end of 10minutes will be your gift. My husband got first a girly make up kit hehe and I got an imported cooking oil!!! waaaaa!
But then at the end, we got the best thing perfect which is a wine opener for me and a solar radio with flashlight for my husband! Huh! the grabbing and throwing was fun and exciting!

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rjs mama said...

i love exchange gift time

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Yen said...

It's also one of my favorite time during christmas. The thought of opening those gift wraps gives me joy =)

eden said...

HI Te Jan!

Merry Christmas!

Same here sad. we normally dont give to adults in our family but only to kids. That is interesting using dice in an exchanging gift. I love exchanging gift too

thanks for the visit

Wengss said...

wow this was fun and exciting.
I really love xmas.
God fortsättning Tejan!

Dhemz said...

hahahha..sounds exciting..grabbing and throwing man jud...amo kay nag white elephant me...ehhehehe!

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