11 Dec 2009

Standard Difference???

I happened to go with my husband washing our car, and I was excited because I was planning to just stay outside and take pictures, well out of my curiousity;) But then, it cannot be, because you cannot see anything outside and only cars can stand inside! So we should be inside the car while washing;) But even if I was inside the car, still I keep on taking pictures..hehe! I was just amazed how easy it is to wash cars here by machine, it just took us 15minutes and the car looks almost new again;)

Angelikka sleeps so good inside the car while washing, maybe its so cold..heheh!

I was also able to get a picture on the car next to us through the back window of our car to see how it is like outside as a whole..heheh! Then my husband went to another machine to clean inside the car! Its like vacuum cleaner..heheh!

While, in the Philippines, when we were there and my husband asked my brother where we can wash our family car there... like he maybe looking if there's a car wash machine in the city. But then my brother said.. its easy here and much cheaper! haahah and do you know what my brother mean;) the human car wash!!! Here is it!

Weeeee, bayanihan pa sila! They even beg to be a part of that cleaning group! And they were so happy given a hundred pesos to share with everyone! Because it was my husband who gave while they only used to recieve 20pesos from my brother if we are not there! heheh!
Here, we pay 100 swedish crowns on that machine car wash;)

Is this a standard difference??? hehe (ako ba lang!)
Godbless everyone!!!

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chubskulit said...

When we were leaving inside the base, car wash is free. In here you have to pay like 5 dollars but we prefer to just buy cleaning materials and clean it ourselves hehehe..

teJan said...

heheh.. we also have here like its us who will do the work, we only pay for the place and water with soap! But still with pay, a little cheaper though than that car wash machine! We used to chose that way, we seldom go to that 100box machine heheh, thats why I was curious that time!

burn078 said...

I always wanted to try it here in the Philippines. Car washing, wherein you will just still inside of your car. Sad to say, wla dito sa Cebu. If meron man, I don't have any idea kung saan man ito.

klivengood said...

imo jud kong gipakatawa sa mga batang nag car wash..hahaha...abi nako gaduwa sa car...hahaha...yes there is a big difference kay diri mura ra ug ga dula while there, you have to pay it..hehehe

Lina Gustina said...

When I went to a car wash machine for the first time, I'm also amazed inside; hehehe...

Janmah said...

@burn... see ala man gani ka kita sa cebu how much more sa ormoc nga just a small city..hehe!

@kat.. hahah, sigi jud ko ana katawa pod nga pics, mura ra jud sila gadula..ako ra sad na mga parente mga bataa:)

@Lina. thanks for dropping by..heheh!

eden said...

sus, nahibong jud ko nganong nangapyot ng mga bata sa car..lolz.. then pag read nako, hahaha.. nalingaw ko sa pic oi. kugihan mga bata sa ato labi naay isuhol bisan gamay lang basta naay pang palit ug candy..lolz

WiraTLC said...

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