18 Dec 2009

Got stiffed neck!

Oh..I woke up this morning with stiffed neck! I got no good sleep this past few days since Laikka took all the space on our bed! She already has her own room and own bed but then, she seldom slept over there. Mostly at our sofa but in the middle of the night when she woke up she always silently go to our bed and lie down between her dad and me. Well, I got no problem with it before because its so good feeling also with her beside me. She is so sweet and will always hug me while sleeping! As a mother, it feels great!

But lately, the fact that she already fast growing and already so active, I mean, she moves so much at night on different positions, sometimes her feet on my face;( And sometimes, her head on her dad's body while the feet on my body..lying accross! Huh! its hard for me, sometimes got to transfer to the sofa instead so I can sleep. Our bed is not that big, like its just good for two to relax and have a good rest but we love that our daughter sleep besides us also so I think we need a new bigger bed! Even my husband already start looking for bed so incase we can find a good price and the exact size for all of us then it will be good. It's not good not to have good rest at night specially us who always in run errands every single day! But its good also to be together as a family sleeping together;)

Yah I know, and we both know that children must learn to sleep alone in thier bed but we just want to be her to decide as in to flow normally and authomatically. That time comes she will no longer want to sleep with us but to have privacy:) Her room and just there waiting and ready on that time! But now, we as parents must take our time with her while still want it! Hmm.. hope everything will be just fine! Have a good day everyone!

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Liza said...

I used to get this a lot, but when I started with stretching, wala na.

Thanks for visiting. Have a great day!

Mommy's Little Corner

Wengss said...

It's always feel great when our kid sleep together with us. You both can feel the warmness of love between parents and kid.
Like your daughter, our son also has his own bedroom and bed. Ready for occupancy hehe, since he was 5 months old.But until now, he doesn't want to sleep there esp. not alone. He usually in his bedroom daytime just to play and read some of his books and anything except sleeping.

We don't forced him because we know that, when he don't want to sleep with us anymore, i mean kung modako na jud, mobalhin naman jud na cla.

Itodo na nato, kay gagmay pa, bec. once na madagko na dili na modolog sa ato, di napod pa kis og pa hugs hehe.

Laikka said...

Mao jud weng, pahimuslan daw nato mentras ok pa kay na..mga arte nani sila inig madako-dako heheh!

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