27 Dec 2009

My Christmas gift to my husband;)

As I was saying on my previous post that my husband is a big fan of Frolunda Indians, a hockey team here in gothenburg ,Sweden. Before I came into his life, watching them in a big arena and buying Frolunda stuff was his hobby aside from motorcycle and computer games! See these three are just his biggest vices he have. Which I think not bad. He don't smoke, he don't drink so much alcohol (just drink special occassion and one round is enough) he's not a gambler and never a womanizer.

But since we got married, he already minimizes all the love of his life. The last time he watch hockey was 4years ago with me..heheh. That was his treat for me since there is no ice hockey in Philippines and he wanted me to experience watching it for real, not just in television. And from that time he never had a chance to watch again. The ticket is a little expensive and like it costs our 1week food for the two tickets so we just watched on television instead.
And this season, he always talking again about the Frolunda will be playing again at Ullevi. Though he don't say that he wants to watch but I felt it. So, I was thinking this would be a great gift for him for christmas since he don't need anything material. So I told him 2weeks ago if he can still find and buy tickets for Dec.28 game so we can watch. Weee, he was happy and one day from work he called me that he just bought a tickey for hockey!

And tomorrow night will be the time!!! I miss it too..heheh! This is the gift that I can also enjoy..hahahh!!! Our Christmas date as couple! His sister is kind enough to take care of our daughter! Weee!!!

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Me said...

wow galing mo ah...that´s makes him love you more when you like the things he like....to appreciate him is best for your realtion ingon si ako hehehehe!
and you guys need to be alone sometimes without the little one...it´s always good for the relation paminaw nako kay expert ko hehehe!
It´s perfectly allright to have a date ones in a while to taste the best part of love...hehehe balak si manang....

Good night and thanks for shairng this...
kay ganahan man ko og love story hehehe!

teJan said...

hahhahaha..ikaw na kimyat...hehe expert jud ka da! But what you said are very true!!! we really need time sometimes!

thanks ha..musta injo pasko?

Dhemz said...

ayay...masundan man kaha si laikka...ehheheh....nice treat tjan...ka sweet sa asawa woi...:)

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