23 Dec 2009

My Christmas Tree;)

I wondered why my husband did not bought me a christmas tree when the time I was bagging him. But last Monday he finally did! then I found out from friends and family here in Sweden that they usually put on their Christmas Tree on the day before Christmas! Waaaahhh! In Philippines September pa, you already can! heheh. Anyway, I was so happy that I finally have it and as I was saying, I was so excited so yesterday I bought some christmas tree decoration and we did decorate it last night! It looks cute because its not that big, just exactly what I want and with the gifts on its foot makes the tree looks so fruitful! heheh.

Its a nice feelings indeed having this christmas tree now in our simple home. As if the spirit of christmas is present!!! ahheeh! Happy holiday everyone.Godbless Us all!!!

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Dhemz said...

hahhaha...korekness....sa pinas september pa ga sge na ang buong barangay...nya pag december dako na kaau ug electric bills...lol!

sos kadaghan sa presents sa ilalom...ehehhee!

merry christmas to you and to your family tjan....:)

nuts said...

kaka-excite nga magdecorate ng christmas tree. korek, september pa lang me Christams tree na.. your daughter is so pretty! merry Christmas!

texas_sweetie said...

salamat sa paglabay! cute imo christmas tree ikaduha sa amoa. nganu mana a day before Christmas magtaod diha ila na tradition? Diri after Thanksgiving mag put up dayon sila sa lights ug tree mao suon sad ko hehe..

by the way, HAPPY HOLIDAYS!

Laikka said...

hehe..sige ko katawa dhemz sa electric bills!! lol! Thanks nuts.. actually my mother in philippines september lagi taud na..heheh.

At sweetie.., murag ila tradition but ang uban bana sa pinay moingon man pod okey ra kung nus-a gusto! But mostly jud diri magtaud.. kanang christmas na within that week!

Happy Holidays!

ruby said...

Merry crisis daw ana si Jaden!! hahha
Happy holidays!

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A new beginning

gleenn said...

oh so lovely tree. Merry Xmas too sis. have more love and blessings ;)

Kero said...

sabi nga nila, Pinas has the longest Christmas celebration hehe. September hanggang Three Kings :)

that is really a lovely tree.

a wonderful Christmas to your lovely family! hug you tight!

chubskulit said...

Just wanna wish you and your family a Merry Christmas.

Misalyn said...

Yan din ang maganda pag nasa ibang place, you learn things and you appreciate the differences between places.

Happy holidays to you and to your family.

Jac said...

Merry Christmas to you and your family..

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