18 Dec 2009

My Old Phone!!!

I love, love this phone;) I got this 3 years ago when this series of Nokia just came here in Gothenburg. This was my husband's christmas gift for me just two weeks after I gave birth to Laikka. When we went home to Philippines last year, my mother told me that if I don't want it anymore, she will be happy to have it!!! waaaah..heheh, my mother dear.

Many new model came every now and then but I still love, love my N95:) Maybe this is one of those few that I kept it long! As I said I get used on things easily, I can't hold so long! But then, 3years already a good time and I'm proud on it! But because I recieved a new one now, maybe its time to give away or share this to others who wants it! And thats my dear mother:) She was so happy when I told her about my mother-in-law giving me a new phone, one of the reason is that she now can have my old phone:) As you can see on the picture, the color or paint already starts fading and the sign of old age or 'used' already obvious! But its still works good and I am also happy to share it with my mother;) Godbless!
The secret of blessings is simply 'to give'!!!

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analou said...

Aypa ka jan kay naay imong bag-o nga phone. Ako dani mao ra japon but I still love it. I just used my phone for calling and texting. There are still a lot of application sakong phone nga wala jud ko makabalo onsaon. Anyway, Jan malipay jud to og dako imong mama if madawatan na niya ang imong old phone. take care jan and have a blessed day and christmas.

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