9 Dec 2009

CC#9 = Jealousy

Wednesday and its Couple's Corner time!

JEALOUSY, what does it mean? has it the same meaning to different situation? Like jealousy between siblings, between friends, and of course between man and wife/boyfriend and girlfriend. And there's even jealousy to someone having things acquired! like we want what others have! And if I will make this broad and complicated, jealousy is the root of all hardships and pressures!!! hehe;) long explanation to do!!!

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Anyway, I have to talk about jealousy between "Us" because its our Couple's Corner;) Jealousy to each other;) On partner's time, attention, and love! I may sounds abnormal here again..hehe, but what I'm trying to say is I don't get jealous easily to another woman even when I was still single and in a bf-gf relationship. Everytime there's another woman, I took it as a challenge! waaaa! Well, there might be jealousy sometimes but my mind is just so quick to control it and turn it into something positive. I don't know but its something about my personality I think! The same with my husband, I never heard him being jealous on someone! Maybe he thought that only him can love a girl like me! hahhahah!

Hmm.., I get jealous though and as far as I can remember, that was our first fight when I felt so sad and to the extent that I self-pity. But not because of another woman, I was jealous of his time and attention towards HIS COMPUTER GAME:) It was when I finally feed up! I always understand about him having time playing that game that sometimes I was amazed that he was on it the whole night! But that one time, my jealousy controling power became so weak already, the reason I blew out! I was so busy with everything.., in the kitchen, with the baby and I was so tired from school and work, so hungry and no food when I arrived because they have a raid in their game. And I was talking, telling him something but he didn't heard me..so focus on the game!

My mind began rewinding so fast like a tape recorder, feeling so sorry of myself, belittled, given less importance than a computer game by her husband! I was crying so hard and so hurt! " How dare you to do this to me" were all the words I had in my mouth while I was in a bath thub filled with warm water! That was the first and the last! From that time on... I never cared anymore! He might did something about it but I don't care anymore! My heart became callous in that area! end.

In my own opinion, jealousy is a negative feelings. I heard many times that if your mate get jealous it just shows that he or she really loves the person thats why he/she felt it. For me, I'm not into it! There are so many ways to show you love the person so much! Jealousy just shows selfishness, no trust, insecurity and just brings no good results but heartaches!

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chubskulit said...

I would be jealous too if I were you hehehe... Kung computer games karibal mo naku wala kang papanalunan nyan hehehe..

sow jan, just now have time to peek...

maricar said...

hallöchen tejan! ;) thanks sa comment but sorry hindi ko maintindihan yung ibig mong sabihin :( kasi i am from Cavite and i live in Camiguin yes, but my "Cebuano" is not that good so sorry, pwede tagalugin mo na lang?

teJan said...

weeee! so it was another maricar I was thinking;) from davao! sowi! hehe

Manang Kim said...

Hehehe grabe naman talaga tayong mga babae ano kahit ano nalang mapagkakaselosan...nasa isip lang kasi natin yang selos eh ^_^

My CouplesCorner~jealousy

maricar said...

hehe may kilala ako hindi maricar nag i start sa "S" hehe from davao ;) regards na lang ha!? hehehe ;) *winks* winks*

uyy! tejan wait ko yung traslation mo ng tagalog dun sa comment mo huh? ;) thanks

maricar said...

i'm back hey tejan tell your friend "maricar" from davao or "S" hehe to visit my site huh? ;) kamusta na kamo ang "CAREER"!!!? ha!ha! ;)

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