13 Dec 2009

Finally gave up!!!

Since our vacuum cleaner is already so old as in 22years old my husband said because he got it from his uncle 16 years ago and it had been 6 years used by his uncle before he gave it to my husband! hahah, already antique. And so its existence ended last tuesday. The head hose broke so it cannot be fixed anymore. Vacuum cleaner is one of the basic need of everyhome here in Sweden, I think! It's like you cannot live without it! I don't know but everyhome here must have one!

We, ourselves cannot live without it. We even use it twice to thrice a week specially now that Angelikka do so many things that produces dirt and dust..hehe. Anyway, dust comes everyday and its not fun with dusty sorroundings.It triggers tiny animals like bedbugs and to treat bed bug bites is not fun at all. It can also cause uneasiness like feeling of allergies, and even triggers ashma. Its been 5days yesterday from the time it was broken so we really gave time to buy a new one yesterday. Its a little pain on the wallet but better than the uncomfort may it brings without it! For example, experiencing the worse caused by it. And its better to stay at home when its clean and fresh!!! The cleaner the healthier!!! lol.

It took us so long to find one that we like but I think we got a good one! Easy to use and good quality:) Well!!! lets vacuum! hahah!

3 readers digest:

Me said...

sa amo pod day....hehehe apila...nus-a human iskwela?

teJan said...

hekhek... humana ako skwela tawn! murag ka relax relax nako ani gamay;)

Bambie dear ★ said...

lol mala-antique nga, im sure it was so noisy and heavy. Pero sayang din no,

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