14 Oct 2009

Being a Fan

My husband love to watch this elite series game on hockey teams here in Sweden. I love it too:) So exciting to watch:) And number one reason is that my husband is a fan of one of the famous team- The Frolunda Indians.

I remember when I was 3months pregnant; Frolunda Indians had a match in Scandinavium arena here in Gothenburg. My husband really bought tickets for us:) He said I can be a luck to them, or he means the baby in my tummy brings luck! It was my first time watching live in a real play. Hahah they won that time! He is a big fan to the extent that he bought things with Frolunda Indians on it. He always check their site and stops his usual work if Frolunda game on TV:) I can feel his gladness when they wins and the same way his sadness if they loose.

About a week ago, this series started again:) And as usual my husband in control again on thier calendar. The first fight they won! Mind you dear friends, my dear hubby really print out the news and showed it to me:) In fact, we have all the CD's on Frolunda Indians being the champion, together with those newspapers! 3 or 4 times they became champion hehe. Tonight they will be seen in a big arena here in Gothenburg again! Get your tickets now!!!


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Atia* said...

Hello wala lagi ka nag-ingon para uban mi naa man mi season ticket...next time nalang...
Ha det gott så länge!

teJan said...

yahooo! they won toningt! by the score of 6-1! heheh, my hubby has agood perfect mood!

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