20 Aug 2009

Patiently Nurturing

Every time I arrived home, I always have 2 things to do before anything else, First, to hug and kiss my daughter(and my husband) and listen to her while she's on my lap;) Second, go to our balkong and check my tomato plant.

As what I posted before about my tomato having flower and one fruit already..I was so happy then. I continue nurturing them and now, I'm always excited to see how it goes with them everyday. Counting its fruit so many that its branches can hardly hold. It gives me satisfaction.

Likewise, I also have 2 things to do before I went to sleep. Bringing my baby to sleep by reading her a book on her bed, then when she's asleep, I have to sit first on my computer and do my blogging. I was a little discouraged when my PR-1 went N/A. But my blogger friends said its not important anyway. But I felt it does now when I can already write reviews. But anyway, I can do nothing about it. I just continue blogging, making friends, and express my thoughts in writing. Not only it satisfied my hobby but it also updates and the same way like nurturing it to grow like my tomato.

Then yesterday I was very glad when I check it my google PR came back and no longer 1 but 2. See! everything will grow and will results wonderfully good when we just continue to nurture and continue doing what is best.

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