29 Aug 2009

Philippine Mango

It has been said that we will not know sometimes the importance of something unless it is gone. When I live in oy homeland Philippines, there are so many things, food or fruit, vegetables that normally I took for granted as for the reason that its always there and free. My father is a farmer and we have a little farm full of different plants as the above mentioned so everytime or shall I say every meal are those own products of my papa's labor. It was normal for us to the extent that we were even tired of those kinds of food.
Now that I am here in Europe, I long already for those foods. Its so mere here and if there is, its so expensive. And when you were used as free.. you will fell more expensive.
Like Philippine mango, nothing can bet the sweetness of it. But I can't really find here exactly the same. There are almost as sweet in asian store but soooo expensive, so I really dony want to buy or I can't.. feels so painful on my wallet. I just hold my wanting on it. My husband don't care the price when it comes to a food and when you really want it. He always told me when we 're in an asian store and found a good one.. " Flying to Philippines is far more expensive than that". heheh. He knows that we a have a mango trees way back there but,,halooo:) Still I didn't happened buying even once.

But then last wednesday;) It really was a good day for me. A new filipina friend of mine dropped by to my place and brought me a mango so good and a 'siopaw'. Waaaah I ate the mango within three days, my husband let me eat all. Poor me but lucky me. hmmmmp! that was really good. Sorry as you can see in the pics, I ate it the way I do when I was a kid. heheh peace.
So gott!

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S-H-Y said...

Oh Herre Gud, det set ut så gott :P..

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