7 Aug 2009

Money matters does matter

"Watch out on 'thin ice'..."

I feel so sad and disturb early this morning until now;( I can't sleep. I'm pondering. As I thought and tried to remind myself and my family(in Philippines), not to be hooked up with money matters. We grew up with nothing material but love and respect to each other so now that God is blessing us with some, we always try to consider those as just bonus. Its not the real thing, yet its a 'thin ice' that we need to be careful with. But the most important is we, as family should help each other grow and manage all that God entrusted to us. Not to be controlled by it, to be changed by it, to become complicated by it, but rather to be more wise and helpful through it!

But today... sad to say cause it seems everyone forgets.
They fights... we discussed and fights...about the said "just money"
Now... I think, we should face the truth that in this world,
money matters after all.

May the Lord keep an eye on us...
...as we travel through life.

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S-H-Y said...

Money always make the world round, but it doesn´t mean it is the only important things in life, there are a lot to consider with and one of them are the family, for me the most important things in the world is my family, but sometimes we need to face the true that having no money can be matter most. Anyway Janet if you experienced like you experienced now, just think that, that how life goes,sometimes we are in the top and sometimes down too. I always believe that people is not contented of what they have, they always wanted the things they don´t have :P.

Jenny said...

It's not only your family facing that situation now, as you knew about what i told you about my mother. And as of now it comes to money issue also. But still we continue to respect and love our family becuase family is always there whatever happen even if you're the poorest in the whole universe.

Don't worry my friend, as long as you have love and repsect each one of you in your family, everything will be alright. Just trust in God and ofcourse with prayers.

teJan said...

thanks my dear friends shy and jenny.. yes I know, everything will be alright! Just part of life's trickery and facts:)


chubskulit said...

I always told my family, that even if we are in the foreign land, we just don't dig the money from the ground or pick it from the tree. It takes hard work to get the money no matter where you are. Besides, unless you earn it, you don't really appreciate it. Too many families in the Philippines take advantage of their loved ones abroad.

egat said...
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egat said...

just pray to God tejan.. amping always

Analou and Bones said...

I agree with you Tejan. Everything has changed. My family won't eat foods that we used to eat when we have nothing. Although I sent money to my family twice a month or more but I think it's not enough. They want more. Haayyyyy...if they only knew how hard to find money here in the US. Every dollar I earned I also spent bucket of tears from insults of our customers.

teJan said...

Maybe we have to accept nalng that its really like that so we will not be hurt! Expecting and hoping that our family is different will be more painful;(

We will just be thankful that we are the one giving not the one asking. GLYSDI!!!

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