22 Aug 2009

Becoming a 'Woman'

They said I'm a late bloomer. And I think they were right! Hmm, maybe because I grew up with boys around and I was the only girl and therefore became the apple of everyone's eyes in the family. I was so pampered and because I was so small..until now actually:) I felt I was thier baby.

At the age of 15, I was already in college p.g.a. I started so early in school. My first course was in Bible College as Bachelor in Theology and therefore I was living at the Girl's Dormitory together with other girls from 1st year-5th year. I was the youngest, so I was thier baby from first year until 3rdyr at 17. It was on my 4th year college that I began called as 'ate'. Ive waited so long! It felt so strange the first time but so different. I want to really act as an 'ate' as if, it was the time for me to take care of someone from the one always taken care of and treated as thier darling youngest little one! You see... I matured so late.

I got married at 30 and got my first child at the age of 31. Yes, its quite late also! Almost all my friends are younger than me;) This past few days, I began realizing that Im not getting younger anymore, a week from now I will be in the good age. Age which really given importance here to celebrate. Age that marks, reminds and shows the reality of becoming a real woman!

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egat said...

plus I will call you ate from now on? is that okay? hehehehe toioioinkkk

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