14 Aug 2009

You are my SHADES!!!

"Time with our little one is a moment worth doing"
mommy moments
GOTTA WEAR SHADES is today's topic on Mommy Moments;) Here are some of my little darling wearing shades;)

Here; when she was still quite a baby;)

The present little laikka on shades here;)

Summer is fun and beautiful;) gotta wear shades;)She loves to wear shades!

8 readers digest:

Lulu said...

so cute!!!!

S-H-Y said...

HAHAA nalingaw ko sa different kinds of sungglasses ni laikka :P.

♥Willa♥ said...

she's very pretty!
My Mommy Moments

egat said...

astig! artistahin huh?!

Dorothy L said...

LOL...Oh my....those are so cute. They are truly adorable:)

Chris said...

very nice!

Enchie said...

she's very pretty...what more when she grows na :)

Rache said...

those are awesome pair of shades... very nice! she's a pretty little girl.-mommyrache

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