21 Aug 2009

Jenny and Shy

Friendships click does not always mean you have the same attitudes and and same outlook in life. Best clicks in fact when everyone is different from the others and yet they call themselves best friends. Complementing each other. Individual strength should help one others weaknesses as to results best buddies.

I'm about to feature here two extraordinaire ladies, Jenny and Shy... they are simply my friends. Three of us has extremely different characteristics but we click. These two also are girls and are women.
JENNY, a woman with few words. You must listen extra careful with every bit of it cause its always important. She is so sweet and generous. She always give more than what is ask. She's so organize and tidy. She's so sensitive though, but can easily recover when given enough time;) She is what I am not.

SHY, a woman with no care:) She lives on her own. Other people's lives don't bother her at all on what she have to do with her life. She is small but terrible. She does many things that amazes me. She has a strong self-esteem that made her the tallest of all. She just enjoy and live on her own expertise.
She is what I am not.

But they are my friends, my good friends and we enjoy each others company. Whatever our individual strenght, we shared it! Whatever our weaknesses are, we respect it! And that is why we're friends! Thanks to the two of you! I'm really blessed with friends;)

Keep up the good works guys! I'm proud of you!

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S-H-Y said...

WOW girl very nice word endeed :P.. You are absolutely right, every individual has their own attitude and we doesn´t need to be perfect as long as we respect each other I think that´s the most important when it comes to our friendship. All and all we just love each other and I am really thankful for giving me a chance to be a part of your life (you too Jenny) :P and I will always treasure the time that we are three together :P.

egat said...

shy reminds me of someone... one of my close friends during my college dayssssss... small but terrible sad! so smart pero la lang sya ngari.. it's really hard to find a true friend.. wink wink

Jenny said...

Kompis, gosh i don't know what to say. I'm absolutely speechless.hahhaha

But in anyhow, i agreed all of those words you've written about me..hikhikhik... arte ko no?

Nobody's perfect and therefore we're not perfect but we understand each other and like our company. We know ourselves that, everytime we're together, it will be treasuring forever.

I would like to thank you also and Shy for being a good friend to me. I know that i can count any one of you if i need something (money)..joke,joke,joke..hehehe.

Kram och tack så mycket...

reanaclaire said...

hi jejnah, first time coming here..have a nice weekend...

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