29 Aug 2009

Party Time

Two days and it will be my special day:) I will be on my 35, wink* hmm. This age is important here in Sweden.., so tomorrow sunday party time begins. Fortunately I have a big family here, I planned to make my party into 3 parts or 3times. Tomorrow begins the 'bolah rajah' with my inlaws, or shall I say swedish family and friends. whew! Making 200 springrolls is not so funny right??? but I have to. They looooove my springrolls. heheh. Well, don't know what will happen but its gonna be fun..fun..fun! and more gifts! ahehehh.

Goodluck to me:)
Tomorrow I cant visit surely, cause I will be having fun and bussssy.
See you on monday on my Birthday! heheh!

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