27 Aug 2009

On our sleep

"The best way to trained up your memory is to try to remember your dreams"

Have you ever wondered what's going on around on our sleep? Yeah of course, there are science explanation about how and what are the body and mind and all is doing when we sleep but setting aside all those studies, just our own wondering and thoughts. Have you think about that?

In my sleep, I think there are so many things happens. I thought, I will be in another world called 'dream'. Another life, another experiences we do every time. Another situation, might not be the same on what you are in this world called 'reality'. And in the same way, some are good and some are bad to the extent that we sometimes remember some when we woke up.

I read once long time ago, the writer said; 'Every time we sleep, we do have a dream, some are remembered but some remains there.' Then I think and base on my experience it's true, cause every time I woke up! I felt there were things going on... On my sleep;)

Just a thought! wink*
Good day everyone!

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