24 Aug 2009


Sometimes... we want to be different. Even how ugly, bad or expensive can it be as long as its for a change, we risk. Sometimes... we want to do the things that we should not suppose to do but if it satisfy ourselves once in a blue moon, its okay! Sometimes... we became unreasonable and crazy if what we just want in that one moment is something worth fulfilling.

This is exactly what I knew something special about my dear husband.
At first, I ponder, I wonder, quietly studying...keenly observing.., exciting. Then, I found out that he has really something unusual I can say but hmm..I like it! I mean I love him of that. I like his principle in that way:) He really have this so called 'sometimes';) Along his simplicity in life he has to live to the fullest sometimes. heheh

Just last night he bought a two kilos lobsters, and only two of us ate them;) The fact is, its 250crowns per kilo in the middle of our budgeting wise situation;)

Sometimes its like that! We want to be crazy...sometimes!

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egat said...

kalami ba ani wui, mao d i nga tawgon ko sa akong bana og islang baye kay hilig kau ko sea foods..

Cacai M. said...

agoy.. tagae ko ana^ Jan beh.. bisan isa or duha lang kabook.. lami mn na^ lan-lanon oi.. heheh..

chubskulit said...

I always go to our budget but hubby doesn't care to spend extra when it comes to food. As long as it will satisfy all of us..

We are lucky to have a husband like yours and mine hehehe..

dubster said...

oooissst jan kalami naman intawn niani oi. Good for you your hubby is so game to eat food like that. My hubby always says stinky, but I don't care coz for me that kind of food here is like a fiest.

alfafriend001 said...

wow...good food...heee...nice greetings from Bosnia and Herzegovina...:-)

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