9 Aug 2009

Daily household chores

The never ending household chores that only wives or women understand that its really an everlasting job;) aaahgg.

Why is it that after you had done and cleaned up everything it seems there's always new one coming up! huhuhu. Don't get me wrong, Im not complaining, hehe (yes u do,wink*). I'm just trying to say the wonder of our daily living and life as a whole.

I remember my mother told me before when one time I washed the dishes and crying, "you must be thankful while doing it ,that we have plates to wash coz it means that you had eaten something then, while those others just live in the streets and nothing...then blahblah". Well, she was right, It was just so hard for me before cause I was the only girl in the family (aside my mother of course) and I was always assigned in the dishes and heard many times that I must learn those beacause Im a girl. Hmm..typical filipino family teaching. Thank God, washing clothes was not included, we were trained to wash our own clothes.

Well, thats it! thats life! Without those might be boring and abnormal! hehe
Good day! Goodluck for the comings days ahead!

3 readers digest:

Dana Telecom said...

So, do you already enjoy your chores?

S-H-Y said...

Wah I hate washing dishes, I remembered those day I fought with my sister because of washing dishes yuck it´s embarassing hehehe...At least now we have dish washer heheheheh..

teJan said...

well..not really Dana, hehe i like the chores but the routine seems boring already..aheheh.

hot shy..maayo kay naa kay sister nga awayon..me, have no choice..heheh!

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