7 Aug 2009

luvs of her lyf;)

mommy moments
Time together with the parts of the family is an oldtime favorites of our children. Other than with thier parents and siblings all the time.

Angelikka with her first cousins in both sides, Angel Faith, Linus och Måns. If we are in Philippines, Afaith is her best friend. And here in sweden, she loves to be with Linus and Måns.

Her like her cousin (tisoy also, my aunts son half swed too.) alexander. They love each other and play together..they are on the same age only 3mos gap. They are our pride:)

With Annika here... here fav and kompis. My aunt's husband's daughter. You will enjoy watching them when they're together. Annikka loves to take care Angelikka.

With uncle Julius. Her favorite uncle..my brother. He is her yayo when we were in Philippines. She knows him by name.

With her Daddy Hans and Mommy Alicia. She loooves them. They are her lolo nd lola (lol..heheh, alicia is my father's sister and therefore angelikka's lola..haha..so young lola) But they are Angelikka's godparents too.


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chubskulit said...

wow lots of pics.. I love that one where they are hugging each other.. Mine is here

teJan said...

heheh.. yap, she has so many! checked yours already;)

Chris said...

its great to be around people who love your kids! thanks for joining us! :D

Enchie said...

that's so sweet! I love the photo with both kids hugging each other.

Jona said...

what sweet photos!

the newest member of the family's here.

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