2 Aug 2009

Finally meets tht Lion King;)

Every day, every hour, every minute and every second,
Every time has its own purpose no matter the situation is;
So make the best out it!
Time is precious, time is gold!

Since it was our last week of vacation and we again will go back to our daily routine starting tomorrow, we tried to do something everyday. We had a schedule; Monday..to my aunt's place to meet them from whole week's europe tour;) Tuesday.. to my other aunt's summer house..it was fun. Wednesday, we visited the beautiful garden here in Gothenburg, Thursday; we supposed to visit Liseberg (like star city) with shy and jenny..but postponed due to the bad weather.., raining so much. Then Friday, to Animal Park where I can find the animals which I never seen before in my whole life;) small and big.
I was so excited, the fact that I'm already dreaming of Mr. Lion to see him personally..hehe. But on the thursday prior to that day... it rains so much so I was afraid it will be the same on the next day and it did. hu,hu,hu. I really want to go I told my husband! It was late before we decided to go anyway, we arrived on the place already 2pm and still raining..heheh.

But I was so amazed because there was so many people there also inspite of the rain! We had no regrets at all. There, I saw many different kinds of animals big and small. Some I already seen them but many that I just seen them that day. Like the giraffe, zebra, elephant, tiger, bears,wolves and of course the lion. Many wondered why I didnt seen them yet..hehe, maybe I did but not as I remember. Now I can't forget that day anymore..I saw thier eyes, they saw me;) I witnessed how they eat and live. They were amazing! I also saw many different kinds of small animals but don't know thier names..hehe. And I will be proud to say that I did meet them already personally.

It was not so good weather, but me and my husband and my little girl were so happy that we made it. We talked on the way home, if we did not went there because of the rain.. we just stayed home bored and lost that beautiful day and nice time together.

Sometimes, its like that. There are situations that looks bad but at the end of the day, we can thank and appreciate the move we did.

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