15 Aug 2009

little act of kindness

Here in sweden, people seems... selfish and proud if we look at it negatively and could be courageous and independent if we look at it positively. What I mean is, for example to the old ones, they do things on thier own, they don't want help and for us to feel sorry for them. Like one time, there was an old lady about to cross the road...bec. I am a filipino and I'm used to help old people to cross the streets, I did the same, just a little act of kindness, but then I was so ashamed because she got angry with me and said she can do it herself. (hmm..rasist) heheh.

They are typically like that my husband said. Everything thier government takes control of all the possibilities that can happen and they already ordered it. Like in the train.. there's already a prepared seats for old people and disabled, So you dont have to give your seats. And on the streets.. drivers had to stop to let them pass and the like. They don't easily asks help either. From the young age at school they were teach how to be independent and responsible. They were trained and well educated about thier rights and responsibilities.

But in the other hand, if we continue to give and show every act of kindness that we have, they will be used to it and will love us differently. At work, they appreciate us because of the respect that we showed to them which feels so awkward for them at first but if we continue doing it(filipino values) guaranteed, you will never find it hard to get what you want.

Just continue to show a little act of kindness everyday,to everyone, then you will see it will results so great! always!

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Analou and Bones said...

It's like that too here in the US Net. But the problem is...we need somebody to lean, rely and count on. No matter how independent we are but time comes we will need somebody. Good thing that you should our true values...good values. Have a nice day Net.


egat said...

Tejan, mu tagam raman nang tigwanga kung ma disgrasya,.. maybe thats d tym nga maka realize sya nga you were there willing to help her...

Dorothy L said...

I agree. You can never go wrong by going with your heart. If others do not accept your kindness...it is truly their loss. Never feel bad for showing kindness. We never know why people act the way they do...some have reasons to be aggressive or cautious around strangers...they may have had a bad experience.
One never knows... :)

S-H-Y said...

Same with me girl, I tried to be nice to an old woman but she was get angry and said " I can do it " so I was a little bit embarassed of what she did to me, but anyway I will still respect and help them either they like it or not :P.

laikka said...

yah.. do'nt regret in doing good and kind things. it pays great back to you. May not right after but it will! Godbless!

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