5 Aug 2009


"...restore unto me the joy of my salvation..."

Its so good to be away from the world's chaos once in a while;) I considered my self as lucky to have families in this foriegn land (two of my aunts also married to a swedish men, one is actually a norwegien but they live here in sweden too.) They already have big children;)

One of my aunts has a summer house in the country;) we visited there last week and it was so good. No cars, no other people around than us, the whole family.Just trees, gentle breeze from the lake, humming of the birds, smells of the meatgrills, our laughing and our children's voices and it felt so wonderful watching them .

Big kids, two girls plays while laikka and alexander were the audience;) Laikka and Xander were so cute on the wooden cart..they had fun together with thier ates pulling and driving them;)

And of course, as typical filipinos... eating time were the best part! Oh.. I love family time! The best time in the best place.

It was like we were in Philippines that day, we laugh, we chat, and we had fun.


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S-H-Y said...

It would be very nice if we can able to go in that kind of place, because we will be very relax since we lived here in the middle of the City it´s too noisy, but maybe soon we will have our vacation..Glad to know that you enjoy your days with your family, buti kapa naa jd kaliwat ako waz jud lol..

chubskulit said...

what a nice gathering...

Dana Telecom said...

it seems very relaxing. :D

nancy said...

i love quiet places too. it helps me relax and think well.

teJan said...

Ubanon ka namo next time shy..heheh. aron ka ka relax as Dana and nancy said;) yap its really relaxing:) thanks everyone who commented;)

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