3 Aug 2009

The Garden

In the Garden God created perfect love

As I said in my latest post, we had visited a beautiful garden. Yes, here really is a wonderful place to stay and ponder:) Problems, stress and pressures will be gone, all you will feel and see is the beauty of this very amazing work. This place is quite a wide one and designed creatively. Every part has different style and different kind of flowers. It has all kinds of plants I think..heheh maybe not all but almost!

We were here with my husband and our little girl, she walk all around from plants to plants while we just sit and talk a while. Just reminiscing the beauty of life, our life heheh as beautiful as the flowers in that garden! Oooh what a nice time that was!

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S-H-Y said...

Nindot jud ning magrelax2 ba kay makaemote lng og kalit lol..kaila ko ani na garden ba mao diri dapit na garden sa amoa noh? anyway girl naa pa ko pancit canton diri, pagkaon basin pila imo gus2 ayaw lng hutda ha? :P.. mg follower ko nimo karon hope you will do the same..vi ses imorgon då..

teJan said...

yap.. dha jud na dapit sa inyo..heheh! ng parking mi tungod sa inyo. Sa Trädgårdsforeningen bitaw na! nice na kaayp ron lahi ra sa una. unsay imo andamon tmrw shy? hhe

Rad said...

wow, looks very relaxing and beautiful. Did you daughter really like the flowers?? My little munchkin didn't like Botanical Gardens, she had more fun at the Zoo. Maybe she's not ready for the beauty of flowers just yet.

Thanks for the pics girl

amiable amy said...

Hi jan...thanks for the visit ha...oyy, miga diay mo ni shy.LOL. Agoy, now pako visit girl kay busy ayo ko for the past few days...

agoy salamat sa add ah...maulaw man pud ko ani...wa ko kabalo add ko nimo...hehehe..add taka pud

teJan said...

@Rad; heheh, yap my little girl loves flowers.. she has so many amazing pix wd flower coz she loves to pose with them..and she loves animals also..we've been in a zoo also as i posted bfore this post and she also enjoys;)

@ amy.. you are really so amiable..hehe!

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