4 Aug 2009

Lucky Days

Its so wonderful feelings when you have time together with your family and still have a good time together also with friends. And its so amazing when each time is a lucky days. Why I say that, cause when we've been in Liseberg (amusement park) with my family, I was so happy because my husband won the biggest chocolate one could win..heheh (3kls Marabu chocolate). Then today, I went there again, this time with my friends and Sarah won also a 2kls. toblerone chocolate;) (she was so happy) heheh.

I wasn't the one winning but I felt more than conquerors! Hahaha. The fact that I was there with them, I can be the one who brings the luck.., isn't it!( lol..feel ko lang ). Anyway... the time together is more important and precious, and having those days are lucky days!

These are the mascots bunny trademark of Liseberg;) they're dancing..heheh


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S-H-Y said...

You and Jenny is my lucky charming earlier that´s why I won, it was a good quality time with you guys even we are busy sometimes we managed to see each other and I am thankful for that because you showed that I am important friend in your life so do I. Ok next time uli see you next week mwah..

chubskulit said...

Hi Jan, got here from Amy's page.... Sarap naman nyang toblerone hehehe...Dami nyo din pala dyan sa Sweden noh... Visit ka on my page sometimes pag may time ka.. Maybe we can xlinks so I could be regular here.. mwah!

Jenny said...

I was making kwento to my husband that Sarah won two times and i got jelous then my husband told me, hehehe you and janet are the lucky body gurads of Sarah..hahaha

But really lucky Shy ..never mind atleast we had so much fun and we assured ourselves to do it again, some other time... Vi sess

teJan said...

@shy; mao jud shy kami jud ang lucky charm nimo..heheh thanks sad sa balato ha..hurot na baya nako! kabalo ka toblerone girl baya ko..heheh

@chubskulit; thanks for visiting, sure i will visit u back;)

@jenny; heheh sigi lang fwend, kang sarah pa na ron sa sunod... kang sarah japun..lol! bitaw hope u have fun with kållerado anyway..hehe

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