5 Aug 2009


When I first recieved an award.. it was from Jenny:) It was so sweet from the beginning when she was the only one giving me awards..hehe. It was because I still have couple of friends that time. But what made this girl so special and very kind? Everytime she recieved awards she always shared it to me no matter if I already have it or not:) Jenny, thanks so much, you are such a good friend and I am lucky to be one of your few;) (here in sweden at least). This is so nice with that butterfly..heheh.

Im sharing this to Sassychicks, IamRN, egat, joemill, jettro, gigie, annalou, jennie, amiz and Rad:)

Grab it guys and share it with your circle of friends until it will come back to me;) Goodluck and Happy blogging!


7 readers digest:

chubskulit said...

congratulations jan, you deserve it..

egat said...

hello teJan, my blog award na naman ako???? wow daghan salamat... la jud ko nimo kalimti jejejeje.. ako jud g click ang "egat" just making sure if that was really for me!? hahahaha

jenie said...

thanks you for remembering me! i have the same from jenny in my other blog, infact you're there as wellgo and see. i'm awfully happy to have one in here as well=)

thanks to you!

Rad said...

Wow, thanks for the Award Janet. I am very honored. You guys are great friends, on the internet and in real life I'm sure.

teJan said...

Bola Rajah allihopa!!! thanks all that you dropped by and see what you got! heheh! Varsegod;)

David Funk said...

Congrats Janet! Jenny gave me the same award, and I passed this to you as well. Nonetheless, you've been a very loyal and kind friend to me!

JETTRO said...

hi tejan kasama pala ako dito sorry ngayon ko lang nkita name ko dito kunin ko narin hehe

salamat fren tejan ang bait mo nman
god bless you tejan

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