18 Aug 2009

U turn

Since I was three years old until then... school had been my place. I went to school as a student, then I went to school as a teacher. Pen, paper and classroom are already part of my life. I was used to it and lately seems bored on it.

There was a time lately ... march or april, I felt sooo blank and seems my life is boring already. I wanted change but don't know how and where to start.
Then this week as we started again this school term, I felt it again. Not interested and unhappy going to school. When I reviewed my future plan what to pursue here in sweden after studying thier language, ofcourse it 's still ..to continue my teaching proffession so that I will have just to take up some subjects as to comply thier standards. I thought it will be easier for me and fastest way.
But then now I have a second thought about it. I think I have to start another thing other than the usual. Im already tired of it. So, I'm thinking and shared my thought to my husband last night. "How about if I go nursing honey:)" He was not able to speak right away and just look at me in bewildernment... 'are you sure?' Just a thought for a change helt different from what I used to be, I said.

The fact that we have to start here all over again..why not start a new one! What do you think?
To be a nurse was my first dream course when I was a child but because its sooo expensive course there, it remains a dream. Here its free, why not grab the oppurtunity?

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Enchie said...

Hi Mommy! Its a blessing to have given that option. I mean, Nursing there is free, wow!. Here, thousands struggle just to be able to make their sons and daughters finish that course.

nancy said...

we're actually in the same shoe here, Jan. Yan din ang gusto ko noon but for the same reason as yours, di na rin natuloy.

but knowing where you at now, i say it's a privilege. so i suggest, go for it!

S-H-Y said...

I always wanted to be a doctor or a nurse but since I am afraid of blood I better not to do that profession kay basin mao pa ako kadidukan :P. Anyway about my suugestion for your future, hhmm all I can say is follow what your heart and mind say and do the things that makes you happy. I do believe that we really don´t know what we want to be until we try it like my husband, he jsut went to Thailand to study gemologist but after all IT programmer ang nahantungan :P, see? you really don´t know what you really want to be until you try it your self...Have a good day..

teJan said...

atooot!! jud ka shy..sigi ko katawa. well, i'm already praying about it! lets see.wink*

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