11 Oct 2009

Be still!

" Be still and know that I am God!" says the Lord.

Just arrive from the church. My heart is so full of gladness and blessings on spirit filled messages from today's preaching. I'm so blessed and reminded of what God wants me to.

Life here in this foreign land is not that easy. Everything we do are so stressful and lots of pressures. We are bombarded of so many things under the sun. Different responsibilities at home, at work, at school. Problems and needs left and right, here and there. Its like a storm, flood and lots of rain that we want to get out from it as soon as possible. Many plans to fulfill, many dreams to realize and many opportunities to catch. But at the end of the day, we are disappointed, discouraged and tired! Everything we tried to do did not flow as we wanted. And then we asked why it happens that way. The real problem is we don't see and smell the perfect timing because our eyes were blinded with all of these. While all we need to do is stop, listen and be still... and know your God!

I want to share this song with you and take time to listen and be bless!

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Salitype said...

be still and know that I AM GOD!....indeed!

in the midst of storms and howling wing, be still and listen to the calming sound of HIS voice.in the face of massive asperity and moving ridge of tribulation, be still and open your arms to HIS welcoming embrace....

thank you for sharing this! may GOD fill your days with wonder!

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