9 Oct 2009

Trips and Travels:)

mommy moments
Today' Mommy Moments is about those special trips we had with our kids. The most special trip we had of course was our trip to Philippines but I will post it on Laikka's page:) Here are some of our trips and outing! Enjoy!

These was taken when we had a chance to tour around the world:) o..really?? as in around the world?..yes! aheheh. It was like a trade fair of different places to attract us where to spend our vacation. Look at Laikka, she goes to Croatia:)

These were taken when we visited Liseberg, an amuzement park here in Gothenburg. Rabbit is their trade mark. Laikka enjoyed different rides and rabbit show:)

This was in Seaman's museum! where the first boat of Sweden preserved.

These was taken in the boat during our trip to Denmark! Her first cruising!

At the Animal park, where I also saw some animals for the first time like the lion and the tiger:) Angelikka had the chance to ride a horse for 10dollars..aheheh, but she enjoyed it very much!

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gwapaleysyus said...

daming pics... thanks for sharing

Janmah said...

more on Laikkas page hehe..

Seiko said...

I enjoyed looking at your photos here,ang daming special trip ng family mo.Pareho pala tayo,among the trips we had had i love the most was visiting P.I
Have a great weekend & thanks for the visit.:D

S-H-Y said...

Ka cute nlng jd sa MM ninyo :P..

Chris said...

great pictures... ang saya!

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